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Many airlines reward loyal frequent travellers is some way or other, and this is the case with our partners. The rewards offered differ from one airline to another, but generally speaking the principles are the same - the more you fly with us the more we will reward you. This is achieved by means of a points system, in which you accumulate points according to the miles you have flown with the airline. Rewards vary from one airline to another, and in some cases if you have not been able to claim a reward within a specific period, you lose those points. In effect this means that the average flyer, who makes only one long distance trip (intercontinental) every three years or so, does not benefit much from joining a frequent traveller club. However true frequent flyers can get a lot of beneficial sweeteners.

Frequent traveller rewards vary from one airline to another. Proof of membership of a frequent traveller club is usually by means of a plastic membership card, and presentation of this can give the member access to a superior airport lounge, free excess baggage, waitlist priority and so on. Gold class members who have accumulated more than a certain number of points may find free limousine transfers, priority check-ins and even a concierge service. Accumulated points may be cashed in for other rewards such as free car hire, car hire upgrades, hotel accommodation or even such items as electrical goods, boxes of wine, bottles of champagne. Frequent traveller programmes are not only run by airlines, though these are the best known.

The European railways network, Eurostar, runs such a scheme, as do many car hire companies. You should make enquiries about such schemes when you make reservations for car hire, trains or flights.

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