Airline Failure T&C

At Travel Associates, we know the last thing you want to think about when you're packing for your dream holiday, is the thought of getting stranded abroad or having your holiday cancelled and you being left out of pocket.
That's why it’s reassuring to know that when you book flights▲ with Travel Associates we have your best interests in mind.

When you book a flight with Travel Associates we offer you Airline Failure Protection
If a scheduled airline you booked with us ceases operations because of insolvency or bankruptcy, we will cover the cost as follows**:

  1. If you are abroad, the cost of an alternative supplier will be covered for that leg of your itinerary
  2. If you are yet to travel we provide you with either a full refund or we will find you an alternative to the value of the initial ticket cost.

Terms & Conditions


  • Financial failure of scheduled IATA airlines that are registered in South Africa and booked through the Global Distribution System (GDS)
  • Full refund of the airline ticket booked at the ticket purchase price


  • Any sectors for any trip where payment has not been received in full for the booking
  • Losses arising directly or indirectly for existing or publicly declared financial failure or collapse of an airline on or before the date the trip is booked
  • Losses arising from tickets purchased subsequent to the airline registering Bankruptcy
  • Chartered flights and low cost carriers
  • Losses arising where indemnity has been signed
  • Refund of professional service fee

Please note:

  • Protection is only applicable in respect of the costs relating to scheduled air flights (excludes ALL pre-booked tours or land arrangements)
  • Protection does not apply if a Scheduled Airline is taken over or forms part of a merger by another airline.
  • Airline failure is defined as the insolvency of an airline or bankruptcy, not the cancellation of flights for any other reason, however, we will endeavour to assist you in finding alternatives with the airline concerned

Application Procedure

Submit airline tickets together with proof of payment to your Travel Consultant.

Alternatively, if you are abroad, contact the store directly or use the emergency telephone number (the after-hours service number).

Emails will not be deemed to be delivered unless a reply email from the Travel Consultant is received by the Customer (automated responses do not apply).

For more information call Travel Associates on 0860 400 500 or click here to enquire
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